Retired Trooper Saves a Life

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Woody Guessford celebrated his 101 birthday recently with friends at Southside Bowl in Hagerstown. Thanks to the lifesaving actions of a retired  Maryland State Trooper a few years ago.  Guessford was born and raised in Hagerstown and still lives on his own. He is again bowling thanks to the quick thinking trooper.

During his party, Guessford pointed to Allen Swope who was a couple of tables down from him eating birthday cake. Guessford said he is here today because that man saved his life.

About four years ago, Guessford was bowling when he had a severe medical emergency.

Guessford explained that he still remember the episode. He rolled his ball, and when he reached to pick up another, the next thing he knew, he was laying on the floor.

Allen Swope a retired state trooper who was at the bowling alley at the time, saw Guessford falling and leaped into action.

Swope said that his instincts just told him that something was wrong. He laid Guessford down and started to give him CPR very rapidly. It took about four minutes of emergency CPR to bring Guessford back from the brink of death.  As suddenly as he went down, he came back. Swope explained that it was a very emotional experience to revive someone because there were other times in his police career that his best efforts did not bring anyone back.

Guessford had suffered a heart attack. He now has a pacemaker that allows him to get out and about.

Lt. Allen Swope Retire said, when he looks a Guessford it is a wonderment, and he knows that there was intervention from God that day!