Section 1.  Name:

a. The name of this corporation is Maryland Troopers Association Lodge 88, Incorporated hereinafter referred to as MTA Lodge 88.

Section 2.  Objectives:

a. The objectives of the MTA Lodge 88 shall be to carry out the primary and related purposes as set forth in the Corporate Charter of the Maryland Troopers Association and to be concerned particularly with the following matters:

(1) To advance the principles of proper law enforcement; to protect and defend the community and rights of all citizens and to promote the betterment of Criminal Justice.

(2)  To provide a program on legislative matters relating to law enforcement and criminal justice and within the limits allowed by law, to present appropriate comments and suggestions.

(3)  To grant educational scholarships to law enforcement members and dependents.

(4)  To furnish the full members with a death relief fund.

Section 3.  Organization

a. The MTA Lodge 88 is a non-stock, non-profit organization incorporated on the 11th of October, 1989, pursuant to the laws set forth in the Annotated Code of the State of Maryland, 1957 Edition, as amended

Section 4.   Jurisdiction

a. The territory within which the operation of the MTA Lodge 88 shall be conducted is the boundaries of the United States with the principal place of business being in Washington County, Maryland.


Section 1.   Full Members

a. The requirements for full membership are:

(1) Any active, civilian or retired member of the Maryland State Police.

(2) Must be a member in good standing with the Maryland Troopers Association.

Section 2.   Associate Member

Any non-full member that has been approved and nominated by the Membership Committee and approved by majority vote of full members in attendance at any regular meeting.


Section 1.   Suspension and Expulsion of Individual Members

a. Any individual member of MTA Lodge 88 may be suspended or expelled from membership by the President for any sufficient cause after due notice and a formal hearing under the guidelines established by the Maryland Troopers Association.


Section 1.  Meetings

a. The MTA Lodge 88 must actually meet in regular or special meetings order to transact business.

b. The MTA Lodge 88 shall hold regular meetings at the call of the President each month, except that regular meetings may be dispensed by a vote of the members. These meetings will be held at the Hagerstown Maryland State Police Barrack unless otherwise directed by the President.

c. A special meeting of the members shall be held the call of the President or at the request of three (3) officers of MTA Lodge 88

d. Any and all business may be transacted at any regular meeting.

Section 2.  Quorum of Meetings

a.  At least two (2) Officers of MTA Lodge 88 shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and if a quorum is not present, those present may adjourn the meeting from day to day or to a later date,  providing that advance notice is given.

Section 3.  Responsibilities and Custodianship

a. The President shall have the management and control of MTA Lodge 88 and shall carry out such rules and regulations for the management and operation of MTA Lodge 88 consistent with the bylaws as the members may deem expedient and necessary.

b. The President shall do all things required and permitted by the bylaws to forward the purpose of MTA Lodge 88.

c. The President may authorize such committees as deemed necessary from time to time to accomplish the objectives of MTA Lodge 88. Actions taken by such a committee shall be subject to approval by the President.

d. With respect to all questions of construction arising under the bylaws, the decisions of the President shall control.

Section 4.  Decisions of the Members

a. Except as otherwise specifically provided, every decision of the membership of the MTA Lodge 88 shall be by a concurring majority.

Section 5.   Minutes
Written or taped minutes of every meeting of the membership shall be maintained and posted showing the members in attendance, the matters before the meeting and every action taken thereat.  Said minutes shall be retained by the Secretary and approved by a quorum at the next regular meeting.

Section 6.  Powers of the Officers

a. All the corporate powers, except as otherwise provided for in these bylaws, and by statute, shall be and hereby are vested in and shall be exercised by the Officers.

Section 7.   Delegation of Authority

a. Neither any Officer or member shall delegate any of his/her authority, rights or powers conferred by these bylaws, unless such delegation is specifically prescribed by or permitted by the bylaws.


Section 1.  Titles

a. The Officers of MTA Lodge 88 shall be the President, Vice President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. All Officers may make motions at the regular monthly meetings.

Section 2.   Nomination and Election

a. Election of officers should be governed by the terms and conditions set forth in the bylaws.

b. Election of officers will be conducted during the August regular meeting.

Section 3.  Terms of Office

a. The term of office of each officer shall be two (2) years with succeeding terms if re-elected.

b. The term of office of each Officer shall commence on September 1 of the year of the election.

Section 4.  The President

a. The President shall be the administrative head of MTA Lodge 88. He shall preside at membership and Executive Committee meetings. He shall appoint all committees as the business shall require.

b. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees and exercise general supervision over their work and that of the other officers in order to assure that the objectives of the MTA Lodge 88 are executed in the best possible manner. He may call a special meeting of the membership whenever he deems such a meeting necessary.

Section 5.  The Vice President

a. The Vice President shall possess all the powers and perform all the duties of the President in event of the absence or disability of the President and he shall perform such other duties as are properly assigned.

Section 6.  The Secretary

a. The Secretary shall record and certify the minutes of the meetings of the membership and the Executive Committee, record the attendance at all meetings and conduct the correspondence of MTA Lodge 88 and the Executive Committee as directed. All minutes or copies thereof shall be made available to the President within fifteen (15) days following the meeting. The Secretary shall keep the seal. The Secretary shall maintain a file of committee reports and such other records as the officers, or standing committees shall refer for retention at such place as the membership may determine. The Secretary shall maintain a current copy of the bylaws and any amendments thereto and they shall be available for every meeting.

Section 7.  The Treasurer

a. The Treasurer shall see that the MTA Lodge 88 books of accounts and financial records are in order and shall make a report in writing of its financial condition at each regular monthly meeting. The treasurer shall pay all bills and receive all payments to MTA Lodge 88.

Section 8.  Compensation

a. No compensation, except direct expenses, shall be paid to any elected officer for any services rendered to MTA Lodge 88 either directly or indirectly except as is outlined in these bylaws.

Section 9.  Vacancy – General

a. In the event of death, resignation in writing or disability, of any officer, the President shall select a successor to serve for the remainder of the unexpired term. In the event of such vacancy of the President, the Executive Committee shall elect or designate a successor to serve for the remainder to the unexpired term.

Section 10.  Vacancy By Absence

a. Any officer, who shall absent himself without notice from three (3) consecutive regular meetings shall be removed from office by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership.


Section 1.   Membership of the Executive Committee

a. The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the MTA Lodge 88 and shall be composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and (2) members appointed by the President from the general membership of MTA Lodge 88; their term to serve concurrently with those of the President.

Section 2.   Meetings

a. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President.

Section 3.  The quorum of Executive Committee Meetings

a. Three (3) members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of its business, and its decisions shall be by a concurring majority vote unless otherwise required by the bylaws.

Section 4.  Powers of the Executive Committee

a. The Executive Board Committee shall have the power, during the intervals between the meetings of, and subject to the approval of, the membership, to authorize the corporate seal to be affixed to any and all documents which may require the same affixed thereto as the Executive Committee shall deem to be in the best interests of MTA Lodge 88 in all matters which are not contrary to the specific directions of the membership. Written minutes shall be maintained and incorporated into the minutes of the next regular meeting of the Board of Directors.


Section 1.  Petty Cash

a .    Petty Cash Fund shall be established for the purpose of paying certain miscellaneous expenses. The amount of such fund shall be set by the membership. All expenditures from this fund shall be evidenced by approved voucher and receipts. Expenditures of no more than $300 may be made with the approval of any two officers of the MTA Lodge 88. All other expenditures must have the prior approval of the membership, however, payment may be made if the said expenditure demand urgent action.

b.    The miscellanea expenses that occur between each monthly regular meeting can be paid by an officer with his assigned MTA Lodge 88 Debit Card.  Expenditures of no more than $300 may be made with the approval of any two officers of the MTA Lodge 88. All other expenditures must have the prior approval of the membership.

Section 2.  Accounting

a. The monies of the MTA Lodge 88 shall be accounted for at least yearly during the month of February by an audit committee assigned by the President. Each of such accountings shall be filed with the Executive Committee and kept on file with the Secretary. The record of accounting shall be subject to review by the audit committee for sufficiency.

Section 3.  Budgets and Appropriations

a.  Prior to the beginning of every fiscal year, the membership shall adopt an annual budget prepared by the Executive Committee showing in detail the anticipated income and expenditures of the MTA 88 for at least the immediately succeeding year, make annual appropriations of MTA Lodge 88 for  at least the immediately  succeeding year,  make annual appropriations in accordance therewith, authorize expenditure thereof and authorize the Treasurer or President to pay the approved expenditures when due.

Section 4.  Fiscal Year

a. The fiscal year shall begin January 1st and end December 31st.

Section 5.  Donations

a.  No contributions shall be distributed from the General Fund of MTA Lodge 88 except for the direct benefit of an MTA member/s/ in good standing for the following reasons and purposes:

1.  A member who is sick or in distress.

2.  Any cause or event in which only an MTA member/s/ will directly benefit or will directly participate.

3.  Any extraordinary purpose deemed necessary which will directly benefit MTA Lodge 88 and any or all of its members.

b.  All approval of donations will be determined by a majority vote of the membership present at a duly constituted meeting.

c.  This section is not intended to preclude any other section or provision currently established in the bylaws of MTA Lodge 88 including that of the MTA Lodge 88 Death Relief Fund.

Section 6. Community Donation Fund

a.  A separate fund will be established for the purpose of MTA 88 charitable donations.  All charitable contributions except those specifically mentioned in other sections of these bylaws must be distributed from this special Community Donation Fund.

b.  This fund will be enabled and supported by any fundraising activities and other funds deemed appropriate and approved by the membership but shall not be funded with MTA membership dues.


Section 1. Acquirement of Property

a. In furtherance of carrying on its affairs and exercising its powers, MTA Lodge 88 may take and acquire real property and personal property for its use in its pursuit of its goals and objectives and powers as authorized by the corporate charter.

b. Only the officers shall have any right or authority to receive, take or accept any gift bequest or devise for or on behalf of the MTA Lodge 88 and they shall not accept any gift, bequest or devise for or if it will not promote the objects and purposes of MTA Lodge 88.

c. No member shall convert MTA Lodge 88 property to any use not directly related to the conduct of MTA Lodge 88 business.

Section 2  Insurance

a. MTA Lodge 88 may ensure its equipment and assets against loss and damage of any kind and may acquire any other insurance the Officers may deem necessary to protect itself against claims of any kind.

b. MTA Lodge 88 shall directly provide an immediate monetary Death Relief Fund in the amount of seven hundred and fifty U.S. dollars ($750) to only the designated beneficiary of each MTA Lodge 88 member in good standing who has become deceased. The President or designated Officer and Treasurer of MTA Lodge 88 will administer the fund in accordance with MTA Lodge 88 provisions as determined by the membership from time to time. They shall assure that the set monetary amount is directly presented to the designated beneficiary as immediately as reasonable after the member becomes deceased. The last known designated beneficiary will be identified from the most current official death beneficiary record perpetually retained by the Maryland Troopers Association Executive Board.

Section 3.  Staff and Services

a. In any matter that clearly demands prompt action, the President with the concurrence of two (2) Officers, may hire and retain such staff and services as shown necessary to accomplish the objectives of the MTA 88. All other hiring for staff and services shall have the prior approval of the general membership.

Section 4.  Succession

a. MTA Lodge 88 shall have perpetual succession and shall have the power to sue and be sued in its own name.


Section 1.   Classes of Committees

a. Committees may consist of standing committees, established in the bylaws and special committees as established by the President or the Executive Committee.

b. The President shall appoint all members of standing committees as soon after the November general membership meeting as a practicable and he shall also appoint all members of special committees except those as may be established by the membership. The current list of committees shall be maintained by the Secretary and made available at each meeting.

Section 2.  Standing Committee Members

a. The Standing Committees shall include:

(1) Finance Committee – shall prepare the annual budget and shall be responsible for the study and review of any and all matters involving the finances, appropriations, and expenditure of funds, including but not limited to the review of the budget, financial reports, and the fiscal problems of MTA Lodge 88.

(2) Membership and Personnel Committee – The committee shall submit nominations for membership.

(3) Legislative Committee – shall be responsible for keeping the membership informed of pending or new legislation affecting any phase of the goals and objectives of the MTA Lodge 88.

(4) Bylaws Committee – All proposed or amended bylaws shall be submitted in written form, with sufficient copies, to the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting. These proposed or amended bylaws shall then be submitted to the Bylaws Committee for study and recommendation to be made at the next regularly scheduled monthly membership meeting. The Bylaws shall only be amended upon 2/3 majority vote of the membership in attendance at the meeting. No amendment shall be adopted which would disqualify the MTA 88 from exception under Sec. 501 (c) (5) of the Internal Revenue Code, or any successor to the Section.


Section 1.  Controls

a. All written contracts and obligations of the MTA Lodge 88 shall be signed by the President or in his absence the Vice President and cosigned by the Secretary or Treasurer unless otherwise specified in the bylaws.

Section 2.  Records

a. The business correspondence and the minute book, (except the confidential matter relating to charges of misconduct) the Treasurer’s books of account, and the Secretary’s records shall be open to inspection to persons of interest at such place and during such hours as shall be determined.

Section 3.   Reports

a. An annual report, covering operations, activities, and evaluations may be prepared at the end of each fiscal year and made available in sufficient quantities to interested organizations, libraries, and other private and public institutions as deemed necessary by the President.

Section 4.  Parliamentary Authority

a. All meetings shall be governed by parliamentary procedure and the democratic rule shall prevail in all instances.


Section 1   Effective Date of Bylaws and Revisions

a. The effective date of the most current by-laws of MTA Lodge 88 shall be February 13, 2008, by the action of the General Membership at a regular meeting held on that date.