July Meeting

July Meeting

M.T.A. Lodge 88 Minutes

July 13th, 2021

Barrack “O” Hagerstown, MD

In attendance: (10) President G. Baker, Secretary R. Shaffer, Treasurer D. Seiler, C. West, E. Burke, Denise Keller, D. Stottlemeyer, R. Narron, J. Hite, K. Baker

This meeting was held at the Hagerstown Barrack, called to order by President Baker at 6:00 pm.  The reading of the last meeting minutes was waived after a motion from Treasurer D. Seiler, second by R. Shaffer.  

New Business:

  • After several years of dedicated service, Treasurer Dan Seiler resigned due to moving to Garrett County.  Kaci Baker-Hite stepped up and volunteered to take over as the Lodge 88 Treasurer.  Motion by President Baker, Second by Secretary Shaffer.  Passed by unanimous approval.
  • Lodge 88 will reimburse any active member up to 50% of their ticket for the Road Dawg Rumble after the event. Motion by President Baker, Second by Treasurer Seiler.  Passed by Unanimous approval.
  • Having a summer picnic and river meeting was discussed.  Treasurer Seiler will contact Doug Bittinger to verify the opening of the Potomac Fish and Game Club.   

Old Business:

  • Nothing to report

Vice President’s Report:

  • Nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report:

Working Fund:       $5,355.89

Death Fund:            $4,520.00

Community Fund:  $3,281.94

Secretary’s Report:

  • Nothing to report

Good of the Order:

  • The annual River Meeting will be held at “Cecil’s Place,” located at the Potomac Fish and Game Club.  The meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 10th at 1400 hours. 

The motion was made by R. Narron to adjourn, second by D. Seiler. The meeting was adjourned at 6:32 pm.

Next MTA Lodge 88 Meeting:  The next meeting will be canceled to facilitate the “River Meeting” at “Cecil’s Place.”

Respectfully submitted by Secretary R. Shaffer

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