COVID 19 Vaccine

COVID 19 Vaccine


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has released the state’s draft for its COVID-19 mass vaccination plan.

“In anticipation of a COVID-19 vaccine, Maryland stands ready to order, distribute, and administer it effectively and rapidly as soon as a vaccine becomes available,” said Governor Hogan in a press release on Tuesday. “The State of Maryland’s plan for this historic undertaking will immediately make the vaccine available to Marylanders at highest risk of developing complications from COVID-19 as well as our critical frontline health care workers and essential workers in public safety and education.”

The state’s vaccination plan will focus on two phases.

Phase 1 will focus on priority groups to receive vaccination including people considered at high-risk:

  • Frontline first responders and health care workers evaluating and caring for COVID-19 patients;
  • Staff and residents of nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and assisted living facilities; and 
  • Essential workers, including public safety, education, and staff in congregate living facilities.

Phase 2 will have the vaccine available to the general public, based on a number of factors:

  • Availability of COVID-19 vaccine;
  • Notification by CDC and state authorities that the general public Phase 2 can begin due to sufficient supply; and/or
  • Achievement of targeted metrics for vaccination of high priority Phase 1 group.

“The Maryland Department of Health has worked collaboratively with our many partners in both the public and private sectors to develop a draft plan that will ensure the swift, safe, and equitable administration of a life-saving COVID-19 vaccine,” said the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Secretary Robert R. Neall. “We stand ready to take additional action and operationalize this effort as soon as a vaccine becomes available.”

The plan has been submitted to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC).

Currently, Maryland’s Department of Health has been recruiting and enrolling health care providers, local health departments, employee occupational health providers, and pharmacists to help with the process.

“As we learn more, our plan will continue to evolve—but our focus will always be on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease among Marylanders,” said MDH Acting Deputy Secretary of Public Health Dr. Jinlene Chan. “From provider recruitment and enrollment to vaccine storage and reminders about second doses, MDH has taken a very calculated approach to ensure the logistics, operations, and execution of this plan are thorough and efficient.”  

The following link is for the complete Maryland plan.

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