LEOSA Training

LEOSA Training

As most retirees already know, all range activities for Barrack “O” have been suspended and Governor Hogan extended all license holders in Maryland. Brian Blubaugh President of the MTA published the below information today on the MTA Listserv for clarification.

The simple answer is yes, the Governor’s executive order will allow a
retiree to carry on an expired LEOSA permit, in Maryland only. We are asking retirees not to carry outside the State of Maryland on an expired
LEOSA card as technically they are not in compliance with the training
requirements under the U.S. code and the MD executive order is not
recognized outside the State.

The expiration date of the Retired L.E.O.S.A. Identification Card is extended by the Governor’s Executive Order of March 12, 2020, which extends the expiration dates of “all licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations issued by the State of Maryland.”  However, 18 USC 926C(d)(2)(B) requires certification that the individual met firearms qualification standards not less than 1 year before the date the individual is carrying a concealed firearm.  Individuals whose firearms qualification is more than one year old are not in compliance with the requirements of 926C(d)(2)(B).

Therefore, it would not be recommended to carry on an expired LEOSA Identification Card outside the State of Maryland until compliance with the requirements of 926C(d)(2)(B) are met.

If you have any additional questions please contact Sgt. Durkee at Licensing division (410-653-4500/ 410-653-45/ joseph.durkee@mryland.gov)
Once we get word that we can start qualifying again, Master Trooper M.S. Hegedus will notify us by email. Once the green light is given, he is asking us all to be patient getting more range dates.  Keep in mind this affects the MSP day fire qualifications and we are not the only agency that utilizes Roxbury Range. 

MSP with the help of Master Trooper M.S. Hegedus will get a plan of action together and make it work. 

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