Legislative Issues 2020

Legislative Issues 2020

Hometown Heroes Act of 2020
Governor Hogan will introduce the Hometown Heroes Act of 2020 to exempt retired law enforcement, fire, rescue, corrections, and emergency response personnel from the state tax on all retirement income specific to their service in those professions.

This is the fifth year that Governor Hogan has introduced legislation to eliminate state taxes on the retirement income of first responders. In 2017, the governor was proud to enact the Hometown Heroes benefit so that first responders can exempt the first $15,000 of their retirement income from state taxes. This year, he is again pushing to fully exempt all retirement income for these occupations and to lower the age of eligibility from 55 to 50.

The lowering or elimination of State Taxes is a great thing for our military and first responders but why don’t the Washington County Commissioners follow through on a bill passed in 2008.  This bill provides a tax credit reducing the property taxes of first responders and correctional officers who were killed or disabled in the line of duty.

Come on; it has been 12 years since the Maryland Legislature enacted this relief.  Several Maryland jurisdictions have adopted the provisions for their citizens, why not Washington County?

Please let the Washington County Commissions know how you feel about their lack of concern for local first responders and correctional officers.

Send your emails to voice your feeling about their lack of initiative to ContactCommissioners@washco-md.net

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