2020 LEOSA-Schedule

2020 LEOSA-Schedule


Below is the 2020 LEOSA dates and times at Roxbury Range.

You will need to provide TWO DATES you are available, one of the dates is for an alternate.

You will need a total of 60 rounds per firearm you are trying to qualify with.  EXAMPLE:  If you are qualifying with a pistol and a revolver you will need 120 rounds.

If you are qualifying with something other than a 40 cal, you will need to bring cleaning gear for that firearm.  You will need a flashlight and pages 5 and 6 from your LEOSA application.  We will provide eyes and ears unless you want to bring your own.

Master Trooper M.S. Hegedus Jr. would like to have your response back NO LATER THAN MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10,  2020.  

The dates will be first come first serve.  An email will be sent out once I get the schedule finished.  Just like the last few years, we have a maximum of 10 shooters per day.


03/23/2020 at 0800hrs
03/30/2020 at 0800hrs
04/06/2020 at 0800hrs
04/13/2020 at 0800hrs
04/20/2020 at 0800hrs
04/24/2020 at 0800hrs
05/01/2020 at 0800hrs
05/18/2020 at 0800hrs
05/19/2020 at 0800hrs
06/01/2020 at 1200hrs
07/08/2020 at 0800hrs

If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact Master Trooper M.S. Hegedus Jr. with the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division Firearms Unit at the following:

michael.hegedus@maryland.gov Gun Center: 1 (855) 677-6486

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