MTA 88 Minutes

MTA 88 Minutes

M.T.A. Lodge 88 Barrack “O” Hagerstown
Meeting Minutes
April 9th, 2019


The regular meeting of the M.T.A. Lodge 88 Barrack “O” Hagerstown was called to order at 601PM on April 9th, 2019 at The Hagerstown State Police Barrack by President Gary Baker.

Present (11)

Gary Baker(President), Gary Martin, David Yohman, Denis Keller, Charlie West, Ed Burke, Allen Swope, Dan Seiler, Doug Bittinger, Brian Blubaugh, Kaci Baker

Approval of Minutes

Motion made to waive the reading of the minutes by Allen Swope, Dan Seiler, Seconded, and Passed. Minutes were approved and posted online on the organizational website.

Presidential Report:

President Gary Baker presented a report detailing the details of SB 946. The report will be attached in a post to the website.

Treasurers Report:

Main: $4,217.44

Death Relief: $2,730.00

Community Donation: $3,582.94

Vice President’s Report:

Nothing to report

Secretary’s Report:

Nothing to report.

 New Business

Ed Burke motioned to change the donation of a 25-dollar fruit basket to members that are hospitalized to a “Get Well” card. Charlie West Seconds, motion passed.

Allen Swope made a motion to sponsor a golf team to represent the MTA in the Children’s Village charitable golf tournament. David Yohman seconded, motion passed.

Allen Swope stated the owner of South Side Bowl has agreed to collaborate with the MTA Lodge 88 to raise funds for our lodge, which will go to replenish the Death Relief Fund.  This will hopefully become an annual event, the “Trooper Bowl” will be held August 11th in lieu of our August meeting. Dan Seiler motioned, Kaci Baker seconds, motion carries.

Agenda for Next Meeting

Continuance of planning for “Trooper Bowl” fundraiser.

Old Business:

Nothing to report

Good of the Order:

Ed Burke thanked MSP for sending a representative to attend the local Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedication

The Road Dawg Rumble was well attended.

Brick Dedication – 5/17 @ 1100 Hrs

Family Picnic- 6/11 at Potomac River Fish and Game Club

River Meeting – 7/30 Bittinger Property (members and associates only)


The meeting was adjourned at 658PM by President Gary Baker. The next general meeting will be at 600PM on May 13, 2018, in Maryland State Police, Hagerstown Barrack “O”.

Minutes submitted by President Gary Baker

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