Road Dawg Rumble

Road Dawg Rumble

Road Dawg Rumble Update:

Lodge 88 is sponsoring a half-price table again this year for the Maryland State Police Alumni Association’s Road Dawg Rumble event at Martins West.  If any lodge member would like to attend the cost is reduced to only $35 per seat.  Please contact Dan Seiler if you would like to reserve your seat, 301-991-4381.  We will be carpooling from Barrack “0” again this year.

Jack Howard reported vis List Serve that due to the overwhelming amount of ticket requests and the size of the crowd this year (1,250 guests), Jack Howard (President of the MSPAA) has created a deadline for ticket sales – March 31st.? The “2018 Road Dawg Rumble” is much much larger this year and based on that, we must call a deadline to ticket sales.? Ticket sales have risen well above last year due to last years monumental event.

The Road Dawg Rumble is the most significant State Police event in the history of Maryland, and it is coming back to town on Friday, April 6th, 2018 from 7 pm to 11 pm. The “2018 Road Dawg Rumble” benefiting the Maryland State Police Alumni is without a doubt, the most significant law enforcement event in the State of Maryland. Plus it is an incredible get together of past & present State Troopers in a reunion setting.

With over 1,200 people ranging from Law Enforcement Professionals from every jurisdiction in the state along with elected officials and law enforcement supporters, you cannot find a more incredible event.

The “2018 Road Dawg Rumble” is as big as it could be. Starting the menu – an “All you can eat” buffet featuring a wide array of delicious choices such as hand-carved pit beef, ham & turkey, Maryland Steamed Shrimp, BBQ Ribs & Fried Chicken, Italian Meatballs, Sausages and the list goes on and on. Then all the Beer & Wine are included in the price of your low ticket price.

There will be an incredible Live Auction featuring “One of a Kind” autographed Memorabilia, VIP Experiences & Worldwide Vacation Packages, beautiful Jewelry and much much more. Then a tremendous Silent Auction featuring a wide array of incredible Decor, autographed memorabilia from iconic local and national athletes, exquisite jewelry, handmade items, and the list goes on and on and on.

All guests will be thrilled with every kind of raffle you could imagine.  The Rumble is giving away a wide array of exciting prizes that are ranging from entire wheelbarrows full of cheer, a massive tower of beer, a complete entertainment center package including a monster widescreen TV, a whole outdoor BBQ set up including the best grill money could buy and hundreds of more prizes.

100% of the proceeds of the highly prestigious event go to the Maryland State Police Alumni Association

The Doors to the Rumble will open early this year with the bars being ready to quench your throat….there will not be a long check-in line.

If you have any questions, you may call (Ret) Sgt. George Wooden Road Dawg Rumble Event Manager 443-206-6121.

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