Washington County Commissioners Meeting

Washington County Commissioners Meeting

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018. At 10 AM, Gary Baker, Dan Seiler, and Denise Keller attended the Washington County Commissioners meeting in Hagerstown. Dan and Denise were there to support efforts by Gary Baker to get Washington County to implement a tax credit law for first responders. In 2017 the Maryland legislature passed enabling legislation that permits the county to give up to $2500 in tax credits to first responders living in their respective counties.

Gary Baker our Lodge 88 President gave a short professional presentation and provided a handout to each Commissioner about the law passed during the 2017 legislative session.  The county commissioners were lukewarm to the idea of offering tax credits to a large number of first responders which included volunteer firefighters.  The commissioners advised they would have to study this issue before making any additional comments.  Gary Baker pressed the commissioners and asked, “how long will it take to get that research completed.”  They replied that they did not have a timetable at this time.

Gary Baker urges all members of our lodge to write or email the below-listed County commissioners and voice your concerns about getting this enabling legislation implemented in Washington County. Other counties and political jurisdictions have already passed tax credits for their first responders.  This issue will be discussed in more detail during the next Lodge 88 meeting.

All but Commissioner Myers are running for re-election this November.

Current County Commissioners

Terry L. Baker, President
John F. Barr, Commissioner
Jeffrey A. Cline, Vice-Pres.
Wayne K. Keefer, Commissioner
LeRoy E. Myers, Commissioner

Email to all the Commissioners at the below email address:


The U.S. mailing address is:  100 West Washington Street Room 1101
Hagerstown, MD  21740

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